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"How God Can Grow Your Faith"

"How God Can Grow Your Faith." Over the next six weeks, I want to leverage off of our last sermon series that leaves all of us to move the mission of the church forward.  Since we are all "Called" to  move the mission of the church forward, I want to give us some handles to grab hold of  so that we might be able to live out our "Call." After Jesus ascended into heaven, leaving the early followers to share the message of his resurrection, the driving force behind their call was in a word, "Faith." It took a great deal of faith to continue, as they faced hardship, persecution, and even death in sharing the message. So I want to offer  you five principles that can and will help you grow your faith in following Jesus. Why? Because ultimately it will be your faith in God, with the power of the Holy Spirit, that will enable you to move the message and the mission of the church forward to the next generation. So the question and the answer to "How God Can Grow Your Faith" will be our topic of study, discussion, and prayer over these next six weeks.


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