May 22, 2020 - A Message from Pastor David


I invite you to join me on line this Sunday as we will examine the first of these four commandments, "Fear Not."  Fear is one of the top five subjects Jesus addresses in the Bible, and in fact, he addresses it some 365 times, one passage each day that deals with the topic of fear.  I would hope that we could come to a place where we fear less and trust more.... especially when we know that we have been given the gift of eternal life. See you on line at 10:30 this weekend.

We are working on a re-launch of our in-person worship services, so stay tuned for further details. We will let you know through our E-Newsletter in the coming days. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in supporting your church. May we all fear less and trust more.


I want to thank everyone who has been faithful in the sharing of your gifts that you have been blessed with from God. Your gifts are first and foremost important to your faith and to the strength of your faith, and second, they are a blessing to everyone who benefits from the ministry of God's Church here at Crystal River UMC.

As a follower of Jesus and as a person who loves the church, continue to be faithful in all that you do, and all that you say, and all that you have as you share what God has given you.









Current Sermon Series

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The Not Commandments

This series will take us back to a time before there was a written New Testament. All the early Christians had was the Old Testament, and the Good News as offered by those who had been witnesses to the life of Jesus. The written New Testament did not come along until some sixty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. So how did the early church Christians survive the persecution and violence of the first three centuries? After all, they had no Bible to read from and the Old Testament belonged to the Jews. What gave them their faith to follow and trust in Jesus? We are going to look at five things Jesus said were important when it came to trusting and following Him. Join me online as we look to hear what Jesus has to say about these "Not Commandments."

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