February 14, 2016

John the Gospel of Light and Life Part 1


Sermon Title: The Word Became Flesh

Sermon Theme: Believing and Trusting in Christ

Sermon Text: John 1:1-5


Introduction: Three Questions the Gospel of John Answers

A) What is SAID ABOUT Jesus?

B) How does Jesus bring LIFE TO ME?



1) The Prologue of John

A) God is the LOGIC, the REASON, the WORD, behind why everything exist.

B) The central claim in John's gospel is that GOD came in to HUMAN FLSH.

C) Christians believe that an INVISIBLE GOD took on FLESH to become a VISIBLE GOD through Jesus Christ.


2) Darkness, Light and Life

A) Jesus offers us LIGHT in our DARKNESS

B) When we walk in the LIGHT we find LIFE

C) When you TRUST in Jesus you LIVE DIFFERENTLY because DEATH is not the END of the story


3) Believing and trusting in Christ

A) ETERNAL LIFE is a state of being in THIS LIFE that carries over into THE NEXT LIFE.

B) If you walk in the LIGHT AND LIFE of Christ, DEATH is just a PERIOD at the end of a SENTENCE.






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