Follow the links below to find the past Sermon Series (2022-2023)


Overflow of Grace

Thanksgiving Anyway (Pastor Howard Grimmenga)

A Code of Greatness

Restored For New Life (Pastor Kip Younger)

Time To Rebuild The Temple (Pastor Howard Grimmenga)

Ruth: A Woman of Faith

Is There A Need For God

I Am In

Flourishing: Growing With God (Pastor Nathan Tomberlin)

The Power To Change

Jesus & The Outsiders, Outcasts and Outlaws

In 2023, Be A Quitter (Pastor Gene Strange)

Making Better Decisions For A Better Life



The Angels of Christmas

What Would Money Have To Say?

Asking The Hard Questions

Investigating The Claims Of Jesus

Words of Freedom! (Pastor Kip Younger)

Lose The Luggage (Pastor Bob Wannall)

The Attributes Of God

Prayer That Works

Always Remember (Pastor Kip Younger)

Journey To The Cross

How To Love Like Jesus

Jesus Defines His Ministry

I Am Part of You...You Are Part of Me (Pastor Gene Strange)

The Baptism Of Jesus

Hope For Today (Pastor Kip Younger)








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