January 3, 2016

Staying Positive In A Cynical World Part 1


Sermon Title: Staying Positive By Being Optimistic

Sermon Theme: An Epidemic of Negativism

Sermon Text: Proverbs 11:27




1) Being Positive Through God's Word

Proverbs 11:27

2)Eight Reasons to Be Optimistic

A) My sins are FORGIVEN and my eternity is SECURE.

B) Jesus is at the Right Hand of God PRAYING for you.

C) My fututre VICTORY is greater than my present PAIN.

D) My mind is filled with the PEACE of God

E) If God is FOR me, then who can be AGAINST me?

F) God's spirit helps me in my WEAKNESS.

G) God is working EVERYTHING out in my life for GOOD.

H) Nothing can separate me from the LOVE of God.

Romans 8:1-2; Romans 8:34; Romans 8:18; James 1:2-4; Romans 8:6; Romans 8:31, 33; Genesis 50:20; Romans 8:24-26; Romans 8:28; Romans 8:38-39






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